TCP, Inc.

"Bruce worked very hard making our education production a success. From the music to the video the creativity was outstanding. To see the children respond and learn how they can help save the earth is a wonderful experience. Thank you for all your hard work!"

Ellis Yan
TCP Inc.

"Venue Studios exceeded our expectations on so many levels. Not only did they provide an exceptional product, they stepped up to the plate when the firm we were working with could not meet deadlines and delivered a failed and miserable product. They carried our burdens and delighted in our successes, making it more than just a simple business transaction. Their creativity and uniqueness sets them apart from many other artists in the industry. I've never seen a more innovative, imaginative, and talented team providing the authenticity and dedication that Venue did. They're a first-rate, elite firm that will hands down PLEASE the customer, catering to their needs from beginning to end. They've provided us with the utmost superior quality and for that, we are not only grateful, but 100% satisfied in using them in all projects moving forward."

Caroline Oldsey
Head of Human Resources
TCP Inc.