Music Videos

Music Video, born of the 1967 films "Penny Lane" and "Strawberry Fields", remained an obscure novelty until the birth of MTV in 1981. It wasn't until December of 1983 that Michael Jackson's "Thriller" truly elevated it to an art form. Now, one would be hard pressed to find a successful band that has not made several music videos. Indeed the single most important factor in a band's career is a regular rotation on MTV. Quality cinematography coupled with a creative and innovative storyline are key to a successful video.

At Venue, we pride ourselves on our cutting edge cinematic techniques, but it is our creativity that really sets us apart. From storyline to special effects, we will make sure your music is represented cinematically in a way that will motivate your fans and positively impact the industry at large, at a price that won't negatively impact your budget.

Music Video Samples