Bruce SeifertSince I can remember, I have expressed my life through music. My experiences and emotions always seem to find there way to a lyric and/or melody. I have learned, in fact, that there is no stronger, more indelible way to communicate an idea than through music.

Your story is the path to your future. If that story impacts, motivates and sticks with people; that story will not be forgotten. I have had the privilege to write and produce music that has enhanced and enriched the stories of countless companies and individuals throughout my career. I have always invested my dedication, passion and love of this gift in every piece I write.

Mood, theme, range of emotion, drama and foreshadowing, to name but a few, are vital elements of any great cinematic presentation. Be it a feature film, documentary or a corporate presentation, a memorable, provocative soundtrack is key to a film’s success.

Theme Music:
Branding your series, film or presentation has become an industry imperative. Second only to the characters and/or product, your theme is your most significant branding device. We may have long forgotten who played the Lone Ranger and even what he had to say but we'll never forget the music.

Commercial Spots:
These musical calling-cards have evolved over the years from the cheesy jingles of days gone by to the sophisticated musical pieces that accompany a modern commercial. I have been involved in this progression for over thirty years and am proud of my innovative contribution to this ever evolving medium.

Production & Arrangement:
Identifying the voice of a musical idea is a wondrous journey. Transforming a concept into a polished final product has always been one of the great joys of my career. I am very grateful for the countless artists who have entrusted me with the honor of helping them to realize their music’s full potential.